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About Me

I grew up in Southern California, the middle of five children & my mother home schooled us all. Some might call her crazy but she was a saint to me.

I started my culinary journey at an early age, standing on a stool hovering over the stove helping my mother cook dinner for the family. I was her little helper and I loved it.

As a young adult I would constantly watch the cooking channel and that turned me on to hosting dinner parties.

On the weekends I would invite my friends over to enjoy meals of slow cooked ribs to seafood boils. These events helped grow my passion in cooking for others. The symphony of "Mmmmmmmm's" was music to my ears.

I attended culinary school in Michigan and graduated in 2011. I dove right into the restaurant world, working virtually every position and discovering that restaurants didn't fulfill my passionate cooking style.

I continued my path in the restaurant industry serving drinks from behind the bar. A place I found my outgoing personality was perfect for. Accumulating regulars and booking private parties. I was able to grow my talents in the comfort of people's homes, I find joy in the trust people give me opening their doors. I finally found my place in the culinary world and I took my talents on the road.

December 2018 I sold everything I had and decided to travel the world. I put my skills to work cooking in private residences in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam El Salvador and now Costa Rica. I've learned a lot during my travels about cultures and how many different ways food and beverages can be manipulated.

Bartending is one of my favorite jobs, however, cooking is my passion I love to have fun with it so it never feels like work.

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