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Villa & Yacht Chef
Award Winning Bartender


Creating  Culinary Art Worldwide.

From Oceana & Asia to North & Central America, 

Thriving on the High of Turning Fresh, Healthy

& Local Ingredients into Consumable Art, 


My Specialties; Italian, Asian, Vegan, Breakfast, Alkaline, Medditerrenean & more.

Explore My Portfolio & Contact Me Directly

to Learn More or Book a Tasting.

The World Isn't Scary, It's Beautiful.

-Chef V

The World Isn't Scary, It's Beautiful.

-Chef V

Currently based in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

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“A Chef true to her craft!

I'm blessed to have had bear witness to the amazing artistry of her cooking.”


"What an amazing dinner we had!

My husband does not like raw fish but he loved the Ahi Tuna Crudo."


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